Choose a Position When Playing Poker


What if your seat position matters relative to the opposite sex at the table – If you’re in the Big Blind and there’s no raise for you, then you can see the flop at no extra cost. You never know what failure will happen. I told Lucy about the time I was Big Blind and it got 2 hrs-3c, and of course would fold if anyone picked up. So, at that point, I got to see failure for free.

I can hardly believe my eyes. The flop is 2d-2h-3h. I have dropped a full house! Of course, it was truly a one-in-a-million failure; but it can happen. Had there been a rise before the flop, I would fan that hand without thinking for a moment. Guess I am very lucky to visit KaptenPoker.

“What about your seat relative to the other players at your table?” Lucy interrupted. “Since the knob is rotating, it may seem that your sitting position makes no difference. Not like that. Your chair position matters relative to the type of opponent at the table. It is best to sit to the left of an aggressive player who makes a lot of improvement, and to the right of a loose-passive player who is unlikely to rise after you call to see the flop. ”

I agreed, and then added that I also like to sit to the left of sneaky players who like to check raises and use other forms of deception. In this case, I can make or save a ton of chips.

“But there’s one problem,” broke in Lucy. “My vision has aged with me. Even with my new glasses, I have a hard time reading the cards on the board when I sit at the end of the table. After registering for the game, I make sure I get the middle seat – preferably seats 4, 5, or 6, across from the Kapten Poker dealer. ”

I interrupted and asked how did you handle the problem? Lucy smiled: “If one of those seats is not available when I am called to the table, I tell the floor clerk that I will wait for the next seat to become available. Meanwhile I try to study the tables and players every time I wait, so I’ll be better prepared for the game. Time is precious.

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