Do your best by observing the movements of your poker enemies

Dice are behaviors that provide important information about the player’s hand. Books have been written on storytelling. My favorite is Mike Caro’s “Book of Tells,” first published in 1984 by the Gambling Times.

The idea is to observe your opponent’s behavior – his body language, how he acts, his habitual movements, eye movements, expressions on his face – and then relate this to how he plays his hands. So far the best ones are easy to observe, interpret, and completely unintentional. He didn’t realize he was counting visit dominowalet.

This occurs when your opponent first sees the two hole cards that have been dealt to him and, later, when the dealer places the flop on the table. I attended one of George “The Engineer” Epstein’s recent lectures at a local senior center, when he first described this as “easy to say.”

Every poker player wants to see his hole cards. Keeping an eye on it at that time can provide valuable information, helping you make the best decisions before investing your valuable tokens. There are a variety of easily said that you can display.

His eyes went wide as he looked at his hole cards; they may have given you a good starting hand. Likewise, if you moved your body to sit up straight, look at your chips, or look around the table. Then watch for chips, in preparation to call and see failure; If he took more chips than he needed to call, he could plan to raise when the stakes reached him.

Not all players show this, especially the more experienced ones; But, even if it’s only one or two, the information will be invaluable.

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