Don’t see money donated to the pot as yours

Once you make or call a bet, or raise it by placing your chips ($) in front of the pot, they are no longer yours. They are only part of the growing pot, along with contributions from other players at your table. Neither they nor you have any legal claim to the chip – until the very end when the dealer presents it to the best (or everyone else a good bluff).

Let’s illustrate this concept with a typical example. You’re playing limit hold’em. Suppose, from the piracy position you are given a marginal starting card, 8-7 offsuit. It barely meets the Hold’em Algorithm criteria of the final position. You call the bet against the middle to see the flop. Then, the player to your immediate left (cut-off) quickly picks up. It happens a lot. The real bettor messes up his hand; and now it’s your turn to respond visit poker88. Should you call the hike?

You argue: “Well, there isn’t much money in the pot, and I only invested one small bet.” But then you reflect further: “On the other hand, I know he played a lot of tricks; and of course I don’t want him to think he can run over me. What’s more, I already have some of my chips ($) in the pot. Failure can really help my hand. ”

It looks like you’re trying to convince yourself to call the hike preflop. But is that the best and wisest decision? First of all, remember that the Chips you previously put in the pot are no longer yours; they belong to the pot.

Again, remember, the Chips you put in the pan are no longer yours. Indeed, if one of your opponents has a good hand, you could chase the pair with tens, only with two to five outs – not really a good hand. Don’t let your previous bet persuade you to invest further in that hand. Save your chips.