I’ve dropped a Jack-high straight!

But luck works both ways. It can just change direction! Click your fingers. Who knows when or why! Before long, I looked down at the 10-J spade in the hole, and was called to see the flop, along with four or five other players. Only the god of Luck poker could dream of this failure. I can hardly believe my eyes: 7-hearts, 8-diamonds, 9-spades.

I’ve dropped a Jack-high straight! At this point, it’s nuts. In the middle position, I played my hand slowly to build the biggest pot possible visit lapakpoker. Players bet my left and are raised by the cut-off position. Four of us call raises to look at the turn: 6-hearts, putting four to straight in sequence on the board.

That’s a good card for me. Neither a flush nor a full house is possible. Furthermore, any player with 5 or 10 in the hole will catch a lower straight than mine, and will likely call or bet up the river.

There is still a chance – a distant chance – the river might tie the plank, make the house as full as possible, or a third heart might fall, making a heart-flush possible. My big favorite to take this pot! But how lucky I’ve been lately, I can’t feel too confident.

On the river, I decided to check the pay raise to build “my” pot (I hope and pray). When the gods of poker bestow Good Luck on you, prayer is unnecessary. But I can’t be sure of that, so I pray silently to avoid the pair on the board or the third heart.

My raise brought a pile of chips to the table – what the other two defenders did. The pot was amazing – the biggest of the night. I held my breath as the dealer raised the number 4 on the river. Yes, I have NUTS!

Struggling to remain calm, I watched while betting positions on the river. I lifted, only to be lifted back by the cut-off. Then I closed the bet with a third increment. Showdown: One player has a straight 5 to 9; others have 6 to 10.

Yes, I am really lucky; My two worthy opponents are really bad. That pot of monsters put me ahead tonight. Not long after, I checked out and came home a winner. Boy, am I lucky. Good luck.