Las Vegas Casino Problems With Regulators Due to Broken Detention

A casino in Downtown Las Vegas is having trouble with gaming regulators after staff at the casino detained a woman for 90 minutes, despite video evidence that proves her innocence of what she was accused of.

Last November, security guards at Fremont Boyd Gaming Casino detained a woman who was gambling on a slot machine and claimed that she had stolen funds from another player who was at a nearby machine.

The guards handcuffed her and took her to a separate detention place where she was questioned about her “actions,” while waiting for the police to arrive. After reviewing the video footage, the manager from the casino finally realized he was innocent and he was released, but last week, regulators took action to visit dewapoker.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board filed four charges against the property for the way the incident was handled, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In the description of the incident, the submission said that a woman cashed her winnings from the slot machine and went to redeem her tickets.

He returns and finds the detained woman playing on the same machine. The gambler previously claimed there was still a $ 20 credit on the machine and accused him of playing with the rest of the cash. He informed the security officer about the staff and the action had been taken.

“The way security officers handle [protective] arrests makes no sense given the situation,” reads the file. “In such circumstances, there is no need to withhold the protector or give him the treatment and threats to try and force a confession from him. The problem can be resolved without talking to him, let alone holding him back for 90 minutes. ”

Casino staff reported the incident to regulators the following day and an investigation was launched. Nearly a year later, regulators finally filed a formal complaint.

Under the law, the commission has the power to revoke gambling property licenses. However, fines are much more likely.