Player Has Completed 4,850 Hands Out of 35,000 Scheduled Hands

Player Has Completed 4,850 Hands Out of 35,000 Scheduled Hands – Flop falls 8 Diamond Suits7 Diamond Suits3 Heart Suits and Kornuth checks their second pair and wraps up a straight tie. Galfond bets € 1,800 into the € 3,598 pot with a flush draw, straight draw and bottom pair. Kornuth called and the turn turned up the number 2 Suit of Spades. Kornuth called again, this time for € 7,200.

The Q Club suit on the river saw both players lose to a draw. Kornuth checks into Galfond, who moved all-in for € 10,882 to a € 21,598 pot. Kornuth was in the tank for almost a minute before finally making a call with the third pair to win a sizeable pot. You can check it out, broadcast by Henry Kilbane and Card Player columnist Nathan Gamble, in the Twitch clip below visit Qiuqiu99.

When all is said and done, Kornuth has cut Galfond’s lead to € 32,000 after 4,850 hands have been played. The two have a long way to go, with 30,150 hands remaining before their match is officially over.

The two pros are set to play a total of 35,000 € 100- € 200 head-up pot-limit Omaha hands, with action taking place on two tables playing simultaneously until the agreed number of hands has been completed. The side bet for this particular fixture is the largest of the six on final terms, with Galfond putting up € 1m to € 250,000 Kornuth between them will take the lead when the dust settles.

Apart from competing with Kornuth, Galfond is also technically playing businessman Bill Perkins. They played two sessions of $ 100- $ 200 pot limit Omaha in April, with Galfond leading $ 90,144.05, but haven’t played an official session since.