Poker hands that have the potential to be a threat to lose

We all dream on occasion. I have nights when I dream about poker. I recently had a dream that was so vivid, it seemed like it was really happening, and was repeating itself all night long. I’m so glad it was just a dream. I have to wonder if there’s a message in here for me.

Like most poker players, I am a recreational player who really enjoys the challenge and excitement of playing $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em with 1/2 kills. Being conservative, in making decisions I always try to avoid gambling, focusing on hands that fall into the “investment” category. I try to bet my money only on the hand that offers the least threat of loss, and the highest probability of success – namely winning visit Ceme Online. For that, I usually use George Epstein’s Hold’em Algorithm. As the successful businessperson says, I am cautious when investing my hard-earned dollars.

My sleep was disturbed by this persistent dream. I know it’s a dream because it wakes me up several times at night. Finally, to avoid this form of torture, I got out of bed and rushed to my computer to write about this dream – and to get it off my chest. There may be a message in this dream for you.

I was in the Big Blind and staring at the Q-7 club. Being an “investor” and avoiding “gambling,” if I wasn’t in the blind, I would dab my hole cards without batting an eye. But there was no raise before the flop, so I can see it without further investment. Never turn down a “free” card, as the saying goes.

You never know what failure will happen. (I vividly remember one occasion when I was in the same situation, holding 2-3 of the Big Blind, and being able to spot the flop for free. On that occasion, the flop was 2-2-3, giving me the chance for a hidden full house that was no one will dream of. What a big pot I won back then!

In my dream, holding the Q-7 club in Big Blind, the flop happened: Qh-10c-6h. That gives me the top pair on the board as well as three for the flush club draw. I was out betting to level the playing field, to give my partner Queens the best chance to stay in the lead. Three opponents are called – no raise; and we all see turn: 7d. That gave me two pairs, Queen and seven; will likely be the best hand at this point. But it’s vulnerable. So once again I’m betting on the thinner the field. Two opponents were summoned.

The river is the 6th, placing six sixs on the board. I believe my two-partner, Queen and seven, are still the best hands. This time I’m betting on value, hoping to increase the size of the pot. To my surprise, a late position player raised my bet.

Could it be that he took the sixth trip on the river? Of course, that’s a possibility. He’s a pretty loose player, chases a lot, and will probably call all after taking down six sixes.

Needless to say, I have to call a raise. Quickly and proudly, he opened his hole card: 5s-6h. Six of his trips have “stolen” pots from me in the river. And, more than that, it’s a bad beat because he only has two outs before the river. Ah, river card.

As I said, this dream woke me up and it repeated itself – driving me “crazy.”

On the plus side, I learned from this dream: (1) “Well, it’s poker” – anything can happen. (2) Never wonder how hands develop. (3) You have no control over the deck. And (4) always “invest” – don’t “bet” – when playing poker.

Thankfully, it was only a dream; more like a terrible nightmare.