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Saat kasino Las Vegas bersiap untuk dibuka kembali, operator mencoba menemukan cara untuk mendatangkan wisatawan. Pemilik dua kasino di pusat kota memutuskan untuk menyediakan penerbangan gratis ke Sin City sebagai cara untuk mengembalikan angka turis. Derek Stevens mendistribusikan total 1.700 penerbangan, dengan para pemain menangkapnya secepat mungkin. Penawaran Penerbangan Gratis: Stevens adalah pemilik The D […]

Las Vegas Casino Problems With Regulators Due to Broken Detention

A casino in Downtown Las Vegas is having trouble with gaming regulators after staff at the casino detained a woman for 90 minutes, despite video evidence that proves her innocence of what she was accused of. Last November, security guards at Fremont Boyd Gaming Casino detained a woman who was gambling on a slot machine […]

Body language can actually be confused with some of the words someone is saying


Millions of people have read Julius Fast’s book, “Body language” since it was propagated back in 1970 – more than 40 years ago. This introduces in the world of knowledge what is called kinesics – in simple words, body language. According to the book, it is based on the attitude pattern of non-verbal communication. And, […]

3 Questions You Should Avoid at Poker to Save Your Money

One professional poker player knows primarily about managing and maintaining their poker game while playing for money. Not with a bankroll, it’s game over. No more deeds, you are done. Don’t let this happen to you. Let me present three questions that you can see in your current game. Avoid them and your money can […]