The number of game developments from the millennial demographic

Slots is another story. Winning slots fell statewide 4.57% month-on-month but fell only 1.14% when adjusting for the extra day in February of the previous year. This is as much by volume as it is when the industry is becoming more competitive and players are becoming more value sensitive; the average slot machine percentage continued to fall by about half a percent from the previous year.

Adjusting for the aforementioned state decline in total game revenue of 4.48% as we have for certain specific games, the real drop rate in game revenue is 1.06%. Although 1.06% is truer than the 4.48% decline reported visit IndoPoker303, inflation has not been considered. Inflation from February 2016 to February 2017 averaged 2.7%, to the point that when considering any outcome in Nevada’s one-month good gaming revenue should show growth at least equal to or greater than the 12-month lagging inflation rate.

Regardless of whether it’s a fortune state or a re-orientation of resort marketing, it appears that the decline in Asian gaming activity in Nevada is being offset by growth in traditional domestic table games as table games grow from the millennial demographic. Hopefully that growth will continue to expand, pick up steam and accelerate at a pace that exceeds the rate of erosion from traditional Asian customers to Nevada and also exceeds the rate of inflation.

In any case, it looks like we can expect more of a period in the near future where blackjack replaces baccarat as the dominant table game in Nevada, and perhaps we’ll see more roulette games popping up in the pits of the popular party, at least until the next round. table game created.