Tsang pushes from the little blind with 10 Diamond Suits9

Tsang shoves from the little blind with 10 Diamond Suits9 – Marc Carola’s streak at this event ends when A Diamond Suit J His Spade Suit with A Spade SuitK Club Suit Mohaiman Ashrafee. While he ended up making aces and jacks by the river, his opponent hit aces and kings to set the pot. Carola earned $ 22m446 for the seventh place show.

Tsang’s second knockout of the day won the preflop race with A Heart 9 Diamond Suit versus 8 Diamond Suit 8 Club Suit from Malcoln Trayner. Eight pockets remain overpair to the board with a high seven flop, but Tsang raises A Diamond Suit on to make a winning pair. The river stayed ahead and Trayner was shipped packed in sixth place ($ 31,219) visit dewapoker.

Wong Soon Heong got the last 10 or greater, especially pre-flop with 8 Club Suits 7 Club Suits from the button and finally faced Stephen Holford A Heart Suit K Diamond Suits. Heong made the pair fail, but Holford changed the position of the bigger king to regain the lead and hang on from there. Soon Heong took home $ 43,419 as a fifth place finisher.

With that Tsang took roughly a 2: 1 chip advantage to play against Ashrafee. The two of them were willing for a while, but Ashafree ended up falling under the big 15 blinds on our last hand. He pushes off the button with Q Spades Suit J Diamond Suit and Tsang called K Heart Suit Q Diamond Suit.